Tori Davis

So, I was asked to tell my story as a survivor, I thought to myself, isn’t everyone? Let’s define “Survivor”, someone who manages to continue a successful life despite very bad experiences and hardships. According to this I’m indeed a survivor. This is where my story begins……..

I’m the youngest of five children, the one who gets away with everything. Life was sweet until my father’s alcoholism took over.  Near the end of his life, my dad basically lived in a mental institution.  I was nine when my dad died, he was only 36. Traumatic, I would say that’s an understatement. My mother was burdened from that point on and became unavailable, so I was on my own.  Since coping was not taught,  I too found alcohol to soothe the pain at age 13. When I was 19 I married to only divorced at age 23.  At age 21, I found out I could not have children I too became an alcoholic, now sober 29 years.

I’ve had a very successful career in dentistry for over 41 years and was graced to be a dental assistant for the royal family in Saudi Arabia. I’ve married the love of my life 26 years ago and we love life. In 2007 my story continues with the death of my brother and cancer. I was devastated! Dec 4th,2014 I have Breast Cancer! Eight treatments of chemotherapy, hair loss, bilateral mastectomy has yet to take away who I really am, none of my life’s hardships have.   Today I am cancer free andwas told it's about my positive attitude.  You see, I grew up with a deep faith, so with my trials and tribulations I was never alone. I had to do my part to persevere even when I thought I'd never get through. I did, I am a Survivor!