Kim Saunders

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After years of infertility and treatments, I finally had a 3-year-old daughter and was so grateful to have the experience of being a mom.  So going in for a routine mammogram, and learning I had Stage 2 breast cancer through me into shock.  I cried to my doctor saying, “I can’t die!  I have a 3-year old daughter!”  In her compassion she replied, “Kim, you will live to see her walk down the aisle.”

The surgeons performed my mastectomy using my latissimus back muscle for reconstruction and it took not only physical therapy but it rocked my world emotionally.  I’d always been very healthy and active and it made me wonder how this could happen.  I learned that only 10% of cancer is genetic and the rest of us get cancer due to a combination of factors, many times unknown.  I learned a valuable life lesson about really living for today, learning to be present and letting go of what we can’t control.  It has been 10 years now and since then, I’ve opened a thriving yoga studio and counseling practice in Alpharetta and my mission is to help others to find their strength and their serenity, no matter what life presents.